At the end of the golden years of Longines select recommended


series cable IMIA 18K rose gold and fine steel's luminous watch

meaningful temperament: Longines gold series

cable imier

time keeper of the eternal law of everything alternative for the creed, in the depths of time waiting for the moment to open the door. When the New Year Song throughout the world, and when the fireworks with stars in the dark blue lamps and candles of a myriad families in the sky, like the brocade ribbon gingerly opened a surprise, that originated from the pure material of the bright light will not pass your mission the most sincere heart. Excellent Longines cable series core IMIA configuration Longines watchmaking tradition, the deep friendship of people as gifts, carefully selected for excellence. Silver plated polished luminous pointer, whether in the light or darkness, from the depths of the light firmly fired two confident light, indicating the direction of elegant life. The thick table circle flashes the moist luster, is reserved but does not make public, as sincere does not need to speak, the halo circulation then lets the human always think.

Snow Fairy Tales: Longines master series and Jia Lan  

The prince and the princess

encounter is everyone has a dream: snow on the ground, the graceful bearing riding a white horse prince through the trials of a long journey to the princess with a glittering veil, charming and attractive, graceful show -- beautiful fairy tale in the white world to play. Now, Longines Jia Lan Damen wrist incarnation of elves, with elegant and flexible posture for the love of beauty of dreams. The table body is slim and stylish, as a soft wrist cheap replica watches under $50 bracelet; light is graceful, 48 top diamond surrounded by clean and delicate surface, like a graceful waltz, spinning, and light. The traditional design unique connection line between the point and the dial watch strap beyond ordinary women, showing extraordinary elegance. Longines's 18 carat gold master series avatar signs of new era gentleman, noble gold, grace, needless to say, there is no need to take complex decoration flaunted, noble behavior between the show.

brilliant Waltz: Longines watch watch series  

beautiful decoration of the dome, a melodious Waltz dancing ring. In the future time, best wishes as cheerful music, with the moonlight, filling every corner in this gorgeous space. The time at night exudes quiet brilliance -- Inspiration from the Longines top replica watches heart month series watch catch a moonlight, with unique design, elegant and unique style decorating wrist chronometer. Female diamond watch bezel around the extraordinary temperament, the top diamond star to bring out the moonlight dazzling, Hao Hao boundless. The rose gold watch with black crocodile skin, elegant and quiet, such as a black dress, highlighting the lines. Coincided with the new year to celebrate the season, let the hearts of the moon under the joy of dancing, the refraction of the refraction of the glory of a bright future.